What is the difference between a man’s skin from a woman’s?

What is the difference between a man's skin from a woman's?

The major differences between male and female skin are dictated by hormonal differences between women and men. Thus, on the men’s skin grow the beard, sweat and sebaceous glands are larger, and the dermis (the epidermis layer) is thicker than in the case of women.

Otherwise, everything is the same, skin needs are the same, and basic skin care should be done just like women.

The biggest problem and in fact the biggest difference is not at the physical level but at the mental level. The man (I’m talking about a man in general, there are exceptions, of course) does not want to use many cosmetics because the man’s mind associates cosmetics with femininity. Even when they are young, most boys will not play or even laugh at the girls’ dolls.

It is extremely difficult to persuade a man to use cosmetic products that he does not write ‘for men’, and there are very few products labeled for men in the cosmetic field for men who care for the skin. Specifically, most ‘male’ products are shaving products, aftershave products, and shower gel. Few companies are venturing to launch another type of ‘men’s’ product on the market simply because they are targeting a market segment with very little purchase potential.

Moreover (in fact this is the aspect I do not understand), most of the men’s skin care products, especially shaving and after shave products, contain a lot of irritants, especially menthol, eucalyptus, and alcohol. Most of these ingredients are used to create a special masculine smell for men’s products, and men feel that the feeling of stinginess of these ingredients is refreshing. Unfortunately, it is not like that, the feeling of fright is the kind of skin of ‘saying’: ‘attention, you hurt me’.

For women, skin care is a pampering, and for men, it is a chore.

I am a man. I do not like cosmetics. Why do I need them?

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and most men do not even think of using special products for different areas of the body. Men usually wash all the body (even on the hair) with a single cleansing product, do not use a different product for the skin.

Just as healthy foods (which are the same for women and men) are necessary to have a healthy body, properly formulated cosmetics are those that will ensure skin health, and these products should contain beneficial ingredients, the same for women and men. For a skinless man, the difference between using or not using cosmetics is not very clear before 30-40 years, but it is certainly seen after 40 years when the wrinkles become very pronounced and the skin loses its elasticity, and when the effects of lack of skin care are seen, it is almost impeccable to fix this problem.

Men’s Skin Care – Products Needed

The choice of cosmetic products is made according to the skin, not the product label. Thus, you should identify what type of skin you have before purchasing the necessary products. In this article are presented all skin types: What type of skin do you have?

The simplest care routine for men with skin problems should include:

  1. Cleaning product – If a skin and body cleanser are preferred (or even hair), there are variants of this kind of product. Choose products that do not contain peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree or which are highly fragrant.
  2. Shaving product – Required if you shave with the blade. This product is extremely important and you can get rid of shaving irritation by choosing an extremely well-formulated product if you can without perfume. The moment you shave your skin is bruised and irritated by any product that contains peppermint, camphor, eucalyptus, alcohol, etc. You can even choose to barber yourself without irritation using a vegetable oil.
  3. After Shave Product – Consider this optional product, but aftershave has earned its place in the heart of men, being the only product that women do not use. If you want to use this type of product then choose a skin care product that does not worsen the irritation. After shaving the skin is irritated, and anti-irritants are needed to relieve irritation. Irritation can lead to the appearance of folliculitis (small pus with pus), reddening of the skin and sensitization of the skin. Any after-shave that contains irritants (unfortunately I do not know even a shaved product that does not contain irritants) aggravates skin irritation. Practically, instead of improving the irritation that occurs after shaving, any man who chooses to apply an aftershave aggravates this irritation. Folliculitis (in most cases) does not occur due to shaving, occurs due to irritant products used during and after shaving. Many men use after-shaves created by perfume-producing companies. These aftershaves are extremely irritating and are based on alcohol. Use perfume if you want and give up the scented after-shave that only brings skin flaws.
  4. Sun Protection – Protecting the skin from sunlight every day of the year is actually the decisive step, the one that makes the difference between a healthy skin and an aging and prematurely aged skin. Choose any SPF product you think is appropriate (SPF 30 is enough if it is applied in a generous layer), without perfume or other irritants. Do not cling to the label that does not say that this product is special ‘for men’, you make a great deal of defiance when not using sunscreen.
  5. Moisturizing Cream – Moisturizing the skin is the last step in skin care, whether it’s a man or a woman. Just as women and men need water to hydrate, so the skin needs some ingredients to always be hydrated. Choose a care product that hydrates without irritation, according to your skin type. Moisturizing cream is applied in the evening, on clean skin and can be applied in the morning (dry skin type) before sun protection.
  6. Chemical Exfoliator – I personally consider this product to be necessary, it is a product without which I would not be able to have clean skin without black spots. But many men will be reluctant to use a chemical exfoliator to remove blackheads and clean pores, most men are indifferent to these problems. If you have black dots, dilated pores and sometimes pustules with pus, I recommend using an exfoliate in the evening.
  7. Serums, toners, body care creams, body care products, etc. – If you have no problem in using cosmetics whether they write ‘for men’ or not and prefer a complex skin care routine, all products are used on both men’s and women’s skin and bring the same benefits.