Skincare for anti aging at home

Skincare for anti aging at home

Once you get older your skin starts to show signs of aging. The appearance of the first wrinkle is, to a greater or lesser extent, one of the saddest moments in your life. With modern treatments, you can stretch your skin even for 20 years. The biological age of your skin should not be forgotten because its care should be adjusted from year to year. Even if you treat a skin that looks like a 20-year-old girl, you should not forget that cellular cellularity is working in line with real age. For these reasons, we offer you some skin care tricks depending on your age.

30 to 40 years

Your skin is starting to lose weight. To avoid the unpleasant appearance, you must treat each region of your skin separately:

Region around your eyes

This is probably the most sensitive area of the face. It has a mild structure and should be avoided loading the skin at this level with fat creams because the skin can swell.

Apply a special cream for the area around the eyes that also contains active compounds against aging.

Applying the cream should be done with great care: use two fingers to stretch the cream and not the intense meal.

You’ve been through the time when applying a moisturizing cream was pleasing your skin. Use a nutritious, fat, creamy cream. At 40, skin begins to dehydrate quickly, and its nutritional requirements increase. Enjoy thirst with products that act in two directions: moisturizing and fighting against wrinkles. Recent research has shown the efficacy of Q10 coenzyme against wrinkles. Use it with confidence!

Throat area

The area of the sternal fork (“V” at the base of the neck) must be treated specially to the rest of the body. If she has a specific body care so far, you must treat her as part of the face because she has the same nutritional needs as your face. Therefore, when using a face cream, do not forget to massage with it and the area at the base of the neck.

40 to 50 years

The 40-year-old complexion needs an increased amount of creams and anti-wrinkle lotions. Up to this age on your face have accumulated all kinds of wrinkles: expression, genetic, solar, etc.

The creams you should use should act in two directions: first, to protect yourself against the appearance of new wrinkles, and the second to reduce the visibility of those already formed. These products must have an increased content of collagen and antioxidants.

It is advisable to apply at least twice a week oily masks containing greasy fat that will smooth the skin, render it elastic and stimulate regeneration.

Treat your complexion by region as explained in the section Between 30 and 40 years. The nutritional needs of the skin are basically the same as those presented here, with the difference that it requires increased amounts of these products. For example, if you are 30 years old with an evening cream before bedtime, you must now repeat this process in the morning because water and nutrient losses are increased as you get older, and they have to be compensated.

Immediate lifting effect

There are creams with “lifting effect”. It is tempting to enjoy their effect as often as possible but is not recommended! Use these creams only on special occasions and not on any occasion because they will weaken the elasticity of your skin and, too often used, will lead to addiction.

Smoking attention!

Smoking leads to aging of the skin due to its absorption with formaldehyde (the substance used to preserve cadavers in the pathogenic anatomy laboratories). Smokers aged between 40 and 50 have the skin as wrinkled as non-smokers 20 years older.

Over 50 years

With the appearance of deep wrinkles, there is a tendency to give up the fight against them. It’s totally wrong! The production of new cells is indeed lower, but it does not stop: the cycle of cell renewal takes about 28 days!

The skin thinner loses its elasticity and therefore needs much more help. The structure, density, and stimulation of regeneration must be enriched. These effects can be obtained with the anti-age creams, rich in vitamin C and A, antioxidants, elastin, and Q10 coenzyme.

The Secret of Eternal Youth

Aloe is one of the “magic” plants we can use for almost any problem. Aloe vera contains a rich range of nutrients (amino acids, polysaccharides, phenolic comp