Quick beauty tips

The beautifully curved eyebrows outline the face, so watch them in time and cut the rebel hair with a special eyebrow or a transparent mascara. If you are not freshly trimmed, you can cheat by contradicting them with an eyebrow pencil. They will be so obvious that they will no longer notice the uncensored threads.

How many times did you hurry to an important meeting, but when you got out of the car, did you realize you did not make up your makeup? For a quick fix, apply a mask layer to the base of the lower genes so that you touch the skin lightly, creating a contour line under your eyes that emphasizes the look.

In the absence of blush, you can use the lipstick (you must have one in the bag) as a blush. Be careful not to be long-lasting, because you can not apply it homogeneously to the cheekbones and, in addition, dries the skin. Ideally, there is a 3 in 1 product that you can use on both your lips and cheekbones or eyelids.

If you ask a make-up artist that would be the product that any woman should have in her bag, she will definitely answer you: the mascara. It gives dramatic looks and makes eyes big and bright. A gene grip will help you curve them right away, or you can choose a curving mask to apply from the base of the genes by zigzag movements to peaks. When applying this product, press the brush for 5 seconds at the root of the eyelashes – so you get an instant bend.

If you want to get a shiny hair, start the beauty ritual in the shower – so you can then give up many styling products. Rinse hair with warm water, then go to water as cold as you stand. Cold water closes the cuticles and so your hair will reflect better the light and become shiny.

When you do not have time to wash and stylish it is important to comb your hair well, then tap it at the roots. Fix everything, then catch it back. You will be elegant in record time.

If you prefer to stretch your hair with brush and foehn, you can cheat a little. Just dry the hair shafts that fit your face and those around your neck. In addition, if you buy a professional foehn, the time required for drying will be much shorter. Use natural products for hair care daily and you see how healthy becomes your hair.

How many times have you applied your nail polish in the car at the stop? I admit it happens to me often, so I learned to use a nail polish in a more neutral color so that I can not see the mistakes I make. If you did not have time to make your manicure, apply a darker eyeglass that will take your eyes off any unsteady cuticles.

It is not recommended to cut your cuticles with the shear and, in addition, it takes a long time. Massage your nails a couple of times a week with special cuticle oil, then push it gently to the nail base. Try the Avocado Cuticle Oil cuticle oil from OPI.

If you do not have the time to try using a toner after cleansing, use at least a thermal water spray to apply before the cream. Without wiping the water, massage the cream with delicate motions, then reapply the water whenever you feel you want to refresh your complexion. Try the thermal water spray.

Do you have dilated pores and want a quick solution? Then clay is the keyword. You find it in pharmacies as a powder that you mix with the flat water and apply it on your face. After 15 minutes, you rinse with warm water and you will notice a decrease in sebum secretion.

If you have dry and dehydrated skin use almond or coconut oil instead of shower gel. It’s so moisturizing that you will no longer need body lotion.

We tend to associate healthy skin with bronze and shine. When you have an important event, you can appeal to the following trick: mix the tan and shiny powder with a little body milk, then apply the mixture to the exposed parts. You will get a pale, but very bright tan. Besides, it’ll last all night.