Olive oil: miraculous effects for beauty!

There are plenty of skin creams and cosmetics, and ready-made products are indeed convenient and easy to use. But using olive oil as such or combined with other ingredients can do miracles!

In fact, using both olive oil and soaps and olive oil products for skin care is like having the best of both sides.

Soft and shiny hair. Olive oil rich in fatty acids can penetrate hair cuticles, soaking them dry. Celebrities stylists and cosmetics recommend that you put a few drops of olive oil in your palm and rub your skin until it starts to shine. Then massage your hair with oil starting at the tips.

Skin moisturizer. Apply oil every evening on your face, around your eyes and expression wrinkles. You will notice how in the morning your skin will be softer and softer.

Cleanser. If you brush with the eyeliner pencil, mascara and blush, as women do to make their eyes stand out, you surely know how hard it is to get rid of it. An easy to use cleanser is found in the kitchen cabinet! Apply a small amount of olive oil on a cleansing disk, and removing the makeup around your eyes will be a flower to your ear!

Soak your elbows. It’s a common thing in the spring and summer to notice that you have rough elbows. But why not take care of all this year’s “alligator skin”? So, whether it’s time for the beach or just for a dinner in the city, you’ll take care of your physical appearance in minus! Soak your elbows in a bowl of warm olive oil (you can heat it in the microwave). Repeat the procedure as often as necessary, and your elbows will be softer than ever!

Stretch. Both women and men can face these tiny and depressant skin traces that appear on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips or breasts. Although they occur most often on the abdomen in the last months of pregnancy, they can also be found in people who lose weight or lose weight. To remove these traces from the body, massage the area with olive oil at least twice a day and you will see that the results will not be delayed!

Sexy legs. For your feet to become soft and soft, soak them first in a little vinegar, then firmly massage them with olive oil. For a faster effect, you can let the oil work overnight!

The bathroom in the bathtub

The olive oil bath is not something new. Centuries ago, the Romans and Egyptians used olive oil for hydration during and after the bath in the tub.

Several drops of olive oil put in the tub is a great natural moisturizer! For optimum results, follow the advice of aromatherapy experts: apply essential oils to the skin before falling into the tub, light up an aromatic candle and drink a cup of chamomile calming tea. You will see how your bathroom will turn into the ideal spa!

But, if you have a tendency to make bladder or vaginal infections, consult your doctor before sinking into the tub. If you do not like it or do not have a bath at home, try plan B: Make a shower and use soaps of olive oil and ready-made essential oils.