Men’s skin care routine


  1. Skin Cleansing – Use the cleaning product with gentle, gentle, clear water movements. Use a clean towel (or a disposable towel) to remove water from the surface of the skin with skin swabs. Do not use soap!
  2. Shaving – If necessary
  3. Shaving after product – Definitely an anti-irritant product. If you do not use an anti-irritant product, it is best not to use any after-shave products.
  4. Sun Protection – Apply every morning in a generous layer.


  1. Skin Cleansing
  2. Shaving – If necessary
  3. Product after shaving
  4. Exfoliation – To remove excess dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, clean the pores, black spots, and prevent hair follicles from shaving, apply a BHA scrub. It does not clear from the skin.
  5. Hydration – The last step in your care routine.

The skin care routine that has acne

The big advantage of men is to stabilize the testosterone level after a certain age (after 19 – 20 years), which leads to the improvement or even healing of the acne episodes suffered in puberty and adolescence.

Practically acne in male adolescents is due to almost 100% increase in testosterone and lack of proper skin care and hygiene. In many cases, this type of acne is greatly improved or completely disappears after 20 years of age, but in cases where testosterone stabilizes at a level at the upper limit, acne may persist.

If you are a teenager and suffer from acne, it is important to treat acne (whether on the skin itself or on other parts of the body, usually on the back or chest) and not rely on improving it with the passing of years because proper untreated acne can lead to scars, which are unfortunately permanent (there are no cosmetic treatments for post-acne scars). It is extremely important not to break the pustules.

The skin care routine that has skin problems

There are no antiseptic, melasma, seborrheic dermatitis or other men’s skin diseases because these treatments treat illnesses whether applied to men’s or women’s skin.

Men's skin care routinePersonal Tip: Do not be afraid to ask your living partner, friends or colleagues about skin care. Women will be happy to help you without changing your mind about your masculinity. On the contrary, a man who asks a woman for help in a field she does not know is brave, not weak.