Little secrets for quick beauty

Little secrets for quick beautyI can not give up in any way the brilliance of a tan à la J.Lo.

Most of the famous make-up artists do not recommend the solarium, but if you do not have time to wait for the bronzer to enter the skin, it better uses a foundation with the same effect, to apply to your cheekbones, nose, face and on the neck. A creamy texture is easily blended with the skin and looks more natural.

I admit that I prefer gloss instead of lipstick. Choose one with moisturizing agents, so you do not need to use a lip balm in advance. Also, know that glosses with a slightly peeled price last longer on your lips.

If your skin looks tired and tired, you only need a blush to catch your life. Blush is a multifunctional product so, in the absence of lipstick, you can apply a little shade even on your lips or eyelids.

Smokey eyes are an important trend of this season. In addition, it’s a make-up that suits any event (an evening at the opera, theater, club or a date). The black eyeliner is a must-have for any respected lady. If you want a look that will last, apply the pointed eyeliner both to the base of the eyelashes and to the eyelid, then blush with your fingers. The effect is spectacular and the makeup will last a great deal.

I have to admit that because of the lack of time (and convenience), I realized that there is no point in staying 45 minutes in front of the mirror to stretch my hair with the plaque. I dry my hair well with the foehn, then stretch only the one on the hood. It will look like it, without too much fatigue.

Use natural body care products and try to relax with good music.

After a tiring evening, you need extra vitamins to bring your complexion into shape. Apply a mask to hydrated in the morning, then take your breakfast, then rinse with warm water.For a day look, which you can turn into a glamorous evening, wash your hair in the morning and dry it, but not everything. For day-to-day look, perfect for the office, twist your hair back and grab it with an accessory. In the evening, you can become glamorous if you unwind the cow and apply a glowing spray over the slightly wavy hair.

If you want to be fresh from the morning until the evening, start the day with a dry brush or an ice massage. You will stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

When you want to get a velvety skin quickly, take a quick shower, then apply whole-body oil to your baby. Massage well, then tampon the skin with a soft towel, to remove excess oil.

I love the tanned skin, but as the sun is totally forbidden, and the bronzer takes effect only after three hours, I sometimes choose a faster version, that is, a body lotion with a low content of bronzer.