Indispensable cosmetics

Another miracle cream? The bathroom cabinet barely copes with you, but do you hardly be able to enrich your collection? Do not invest anymore, find out what cosmetics you have!

The more options you have, the harder you choose to get the best. In order not to forget the essentials, take a look at our recommendations and maybe next time it will be easier for you to choose from natural skin care products racks.

Skin Care Cosmetics


To be beautiful, the skin must be primarily moisturized. Choose it according to age – a noncomedogenic cream that does not cause black spots or pimples, if you have young skin, and if you are over 30 years old, an anti-wrinkle cream.

Face mask

Book yourself 20 minutes a week for this operation if you want a perfect skin. Depending on the ingredients, the mask can purify your skin, feed it in depth and soften it.

Gummy cream

Do you have tanned skin? To regain his shine, he uses a weekly product for grumble. There are creams containing granular particles to remove dead cells and impurities. The best ones contain natural exfoliants such as apricot kernels, chopped almonds or strawberry seeds.

Thermal water

You can use it after cleansing when you feel the need to cool yourself or to fix your makeup. The lip balm. Most suitable for lip care is a moisturizing conditioner with vitamin E, honey, phenol, mint, shea butter or aloe vera.

Cosmetics body care

Lotion or body cream

For a firm and velvety skin, choose a cream or lotion with nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, olives or avocados, ceramides, honey, milk, E, C and A vitamins.

Hand cream

Every time you wash your hands, give yourself a moisturizing cream that keeps your hands fine and soft.

Foot treatment

A moisturizing cream is essential and, from time to time, it applies the evening and a soother treatment mask. You will be beautiful from the head to the toe and, in addition, a well-hydrated skin will keep you from the small shoe wounds.

For base makeup

The foundation┬áis a necessity – nowadays, when pollution has such a detrimental effect on the skin, you should not miss out the foundation on your skin!

A white eye pencil

Makes miracles after a lost night! It reduces the sensation of redness, eyes look bigger and fit any shade of eyelid blush.

A corrector

If one day you wake up with an uncomfortable basket coming out of the blue or if your makeup is not the same as in the morning, a make-up or crepe corrector pulls you out of the stalemate.

Colorless lipstick

It can be applied directly to lips or lipstick, for a glamorous glow and more resistance.


If you are convinced of how important it is to any finished makeup, invest in a quality shade. Choose your shade in a shade close to your skin and do not apply it excessively.