How to prevent the appearance of pimples

How to prevent the appearance of pimples

When it comes to skin problems, at least from my point of view, the most awkward are the pimples. That’s why I’ve prepared a guide that will help you learn how to prevent the appearance of a pimple in just a few simple steps.

Fault eruptions are not just painful, but they also occur in the most inappropriate moments. (Not that there is a good time for a pimple, but if I could choose to defend my pimple before a meeting or before going to a shopping session, I would definitely choose the second option).

For starters, what is actually a pimple? These extremely disturbing points are actually a combination of sebum and dead skin that gather in the beaks of our skin. These two elements combine, making a plug, which then uses as a source of food for bacteria. The follicular wall lining gets irritated, resulting in what we call a white spot.

So how to prevent a pimple coming up quickly? How can you ensure that these problems occur if not ever, at least rarely? Here are the suggestions I suggest:

If you want to get results, you best keep your hands away
Most likely, if you come up with a white-tipped pimple is going to a cosmetician or a dermatologist. It is very important to remove the pimples in a sterile way. Thus bacteria will not multiply and you will avoid other eruptions.

Clearing the face – its importance increases when it comes to a pimple
Washing the face with suitable products at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, is very important when you want to know how to prevent the appearance of a pimple. If you are a person going to the gym, dermatologists recommend washing the face before and after training.
A factor that can lead to the appearance of pimples is makeup. If you wear makeup all day and sweat, your pores can clog more easily, causing rashes. How to prevent the appearance of a pimple in this case? Use a delicate morning cleanser and a cleansing gel in the evenings.

The gel is recommended to soften the blush more quickly and help you to make your makeup easier. This will ensure that all traces of the face have been removed before going to bed.

How to prevent the appearance of a pimple? You never jump over cleansing
If we’ve talked about demachining, you have to understand how important it is to cleanse your complexion every night. No matter how hurried or tired you are, spend a few minutes of quick cleansing!
Why do not you ever have to jump over cleansing? It’s as simple as possible: once it can be enough for unwanted pimples.
Sure, you will think it can not be so bad and your skin will not suffer much. Well, in this regard, I must tell you that you can deceive yourself.
When you do not clean your face before bedtime, microbes, bacteria, and makeup residues will act on your skin. Even if you do not wake up with a pimple, the skin will be dry and will look tern. Moreover, in your sleep, you will leave your makeup accompanied by the other bacteria on the pillow that you will put the skin clean the next night. So you will turn the clean environment into sleeping in an unfavorable condition to your skin!
If you use high-strength make-up products, you can opt for an oil-based cleaning solution. It quickly removes your hair and your scrub will take less!

How to prevent the appearance of a pimple? Eliminating certain ingredients from the beauty routine
As we all talk about makeup, when you already have a pimple you should know what products to use to cover it and what it does not.
Sure, covering a pimple is as normal as possible, especially when you want to make a good impression. However, there are makeup products that have some ingredients in your composition that will do more harm than good. The comedogenic ingredients, guilty of acne, are found in cosmetics.
When you are confronted with a pimple, you should also avoid any product based on wax or alcohol. These ingredients will only make the area even more irritated.

How to prevent a pimple? Exfoliating! Exfoliating! Exfoliating!
To prevent the appearance of pimples, one of the most effective treatments you can do at home is exfoliating. As I said at the beginning, the pimples appear because of the makeup residue and the dead skin particles that block the pores.
With the epilating, remove the dead skin from the skin, and so half of the problem is resolved.
Choose a formula with very fine particles that will not aggravate your skin and combine it with the cleansing gel. At the same time, you need to be very careful and avoid excess exfoliation.

The right moisturizing products – what to choose if you have a pimple
When you get a coin, you should pay more attention to face care. This can be done very easily by changing the cosmetics you use.
If you are dealing with acne, it is best to choose salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products applied daily in the morning and in the evening. But if you see that your skin is becoming drier, apply the solution only once a day.
Also, when you have pimples it is more appropriate to opt for ingredients such as green tea, sweet wood or oat extract. They will help you cope with inflammation.

How to prevent the appearance of a pimple? With the right ingredients
To prevent pimples, one of the ingredients recommended by dermatologists is retinol. The vitamin A derivative helps to exfoliate the skin, prevents pore filling and automatic pimples.

PONT: It uses a retinol-based solution in the evening beauty routine. At night, the solution will work best on your complexion!

External factors can lead to the appearance of pimples

Your care routine may be impeccable, but you still have pimples. What can you do in this case?
As you treat them, take a look at the environment around you. Check if the sunglasses are clean if the phone is disinfected and especially if you changed the pillow girls.
Try to find out what, in your home or office, can irritate your skin and replace it or give it up definitively.