How Amino Acid Supplements Can Help With Recovery

When you exercise your body uses up a lot of different amino acids and energy sources to produce strength and power. Fats and carbohydrates are just two sources of energy for body, but others like amino acids are need to convert that energy into useable muscle energy and also help with the clean-up of waste or by-product that occurs as a result of your muscle using up that energy. As amino acids facility the conversion and clean-up of energy production, those amino acids dwindle in number as they are held up by energy waste or are converted into other molecules that are in more demand. This where the supplementation of amino acids can help with not only the energy production of the body but also the recovery process. In the following post we will discuss how amino acids can help in the recovery of muscle and strength after an intense training session.Alpha Amino


An amino acid supplement is a product that contains a blend or a mix of individual amino acids. These type of supplements contain; Essential, Non-Essential and Conditionally Essential amino acids. All of which that body can deplete when it undergoes physical stress like resistance training.While in this article we will stick to talking about the different groups of amino acids, you can learn more about the different supplement blends of amino acids that are available fromSupplement Express.


Essential, Non Essential and Conditionally Essential Amino Acids


These groups of Essential, Non Essential and Conditionally Essential Amino Acids are comprised of 22 amino acids. As you work out your body is able to produce Non-Essential amino acids on its own while Essential Amino Acids need to be absorbed from outside sources like the food you eat or the amino acids supplements you take. Furthermore Conditionally Essential Amino Acids are Non-Essential Amino Acids that turn to Essential on the basis that the body is having a tough time produce enough of those amino acids to sustain demand. This is increasingly important when you exercise as your body has a tough time meeting the demands of the physical activity, often this will result in becoming tired and needing a brief break.


A Blend Of Amino Acids In The One Supplement


During or after an intense workout the body is going to be either depleted or low on its supply of amino acids. While it may take the body up to 12 hours to full recharge its levels an amino acid supplement can boost its levels of amino acids almost immediately after consumption. This can reduce the amount of time needed for your body to build up the required level of amino acids to then recovery and build new muscle. Amino acids like BCAAs and Glutamine are particularly important to refill, especially after an intense training session.