Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

Full Body Massage: Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

If you are afraid of acupuncture, then a full body massage should be right up your alley. But before going any further, there are some things that one wonders about before they decide to, well, drop the towel. The following are some interesting facts on massage parlours and the things to avoid if you don’t want to get rubbed the wrong way.

Are You a Prude If You Wear Undies?

Are you avoiding massages because you’re not cool with the fact that a non-doctor is seeing you stark naked? We get that, some people do feel that way. Luckily, you can keep your skivvies on if you choose to. A quality full body massage therapist will be able to perform an exceptional massage with or without a person wearing underwear. So no worries!

Do they get Dirty Thoughts?

Well, this is a question I get asked a lot (Even though I’m not a masseur, which is weird). Most massage therapists approach their profession in a medical sense. That means, while giving a massage, they’re thinking about the actions and what they need to do, not how hot (or not) you may be. But of course, it’s impossible not to notice the body they’re working on. So, if you do get a slight smile, blame the genes, not the babe. If things start feeling a little, uh, weird, especially if you feel they are working too closely to your groin area, speak up and tell someone who is in charge.

Will the Masseuse Get Scared if You Snore?

This is a totally legit question. Dim lights, easy listening tunes, not to mention the stress melting away with each stroke (massage stroke that is), and it’s no wonder people fall asleep on the table. But you might want to be careful the next time you feel yourself dozing, unless you’d love an embarrassing story to share in the locker room.

What Not to Do:

Maybe it’s the dim lighting and the lack of clothes, but some people are convinced that a massage should be a drunken affair, especially if they’re on vacation. This not only makes it difficult to work with them but it also makes them dead weight on the table. Besides, alcohol can actually hinder your full body massage, making you miss out on the experience entirely.
Electronic beeps and rapid-fire thumb typing don’t exactly fall under the category of soothing, but some people find the need to answer their phone or start texting in the middle of a massage. Don’t do that! That means no calls, no emails or texting. Just relax and enjoy your time on the table.
Hit the Shower Man!

While it might seem obvious to take a shower before having someone touching your body, people hop on the table right after a workout, smelling like they just returned from a week-long camping trip. That mostly doesn’t go well with the masseuse, so take a shower before your full body 2 body massage appointment.