Beauty tricks for a fabulous look in record time

Are you late and want quick remedies now? We have gathered the best tips (which we have tested!) From top foreign and stylish stylists who will make you glam in record time. 1, 2, 3 … start!


Cream, sunscreen, foundation, and powder? Before you start using an arsenal of products, you better choose a compact skin that also has a sunscreen.

Too many parties (or deadlines)? Then you probably woke up with your eyes swollen and tired. Use a liquid brush corrector, to apply it pointing to both the eyelids and the eyelid. For even more brightness, outline the inside of the lower eyelid with a white and void pencil!

A metal blush applied in the inner corner of your eye will instantly make your eyes bigger and brighter.

If you want a radiant skin, all you have to do is apply a blush on the cheek with small pearly particles reflecting the light.

Lipstick is the fastest way to seem effortlessly arranged. If your lips are full, apply the lipstick lightly, instead of contouring it, so your lips do not look too drawn. If you do not have your lips full, apply the lipstick with your finger for a subtle look.


And did not you hear the alarm clock and you do not have time to wash your capillary adornment? Massage your head skin with talcum powder. This will absorb the secretion of sebum from the root of the hair, and so you will refresh your look.

If you have a last-minute invitation and you do not have time to go to the salon for a hairdressing style, ask the hairstylist for a quick and easy mess. It only takes 10 minutes and is easier if you do not have fresh hair washed, so you do not have to wash it before.


When you make your manicure, choose a base coat, a product that will strengthen your nail. So you do not waste time, and the effect is obviously double.

I know you do not have time to let your nails dry up, so use a drop of nail oil right after you apply the nail. Thus, the lake will dry out much faster and on that occasion, you will also hydrate your cuticles.


If you want to look spectacular in the morning, use a blend of exfoliant with a cleanser in the evening. So clean the pores and eliminate the dead cells as you scrape off.

If peeling is not a pleasant process for you, choose a cleanser, a tonic and a moisturizing cream containing AHA acids. They make a delicate peeling of the skin as you remove.

If you have sun or freckles, you can get rid of them quickly with creams that contain pure Vitamin C – it depicts the unsightly stains and gives a brightness to the complexion. In addition, the results are immediately visible.


If you’re in a hurry, but you want a velvety skin, use a brush for the body that does not just exfoliate the dead cells, but it also acts as a drainage, because it intensifies blood circulation. Try Hair Brushes from natural hair.

From time to time, at least, I recommend waxing. Remove the hair from the root, make a peeling on this occasion, and honey has an emollient effect on the skin.