12 mistakes you make and that can destroy your skin

12 mistakes you make and that can destroy your skinEven if any of us wants a beautiful and healthy skin, it can sometimes happen that, without realizing it, we commit all sorts of mistakes that can harm him.

You go to bed without cleansing

When you make such a rare mistake, it will not cost you the look of your complexion. But if you make a habit of it, expect your skin to suffer considerably.

If we go to bed without removing the makeup marks, the pores will remain stuck, leaving the oils in the face inside. This will lead to the collection of bacteria, increased pores and black spots or even baskets.

That’s why you should not lose sight of getting rid of yourself every night before going to bed, even if it seems to you that there are no traces of makeup anymore. Among the most recommended cleanser formulations are those with antioxidants, salicylic acid or hamamelis, which act as a natural astringent.

You do not hydrate your face

Dermatologists say it is a mistake that can destroy your skin not to get moisturized even before applying makeup products. In particular, water-based moisturizers are essential, favoring the elimination of dead cells and maintaining youthfulness in the complexion.

Also, after you are over the age of 30, strive to hydrate using retinol-based products. These will increase collagen production and thus reduce the risk of skin aging.

When using retinol, it is advisable to do so:

  • Wash our face well
  • Apply the product with retinol
  • Let us hydrate

We should not forget that a proper moisturizing of the skin will keep us from all sorts of irritations.

Do not use sunscreen

Specialists draw attention to the following: leaving your skin free of sunscreen is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

It is not enough to apply sunscreen only when exposed directly to the sun, but also on a cloudy day or when driving.

It is essential to find a sunscreen with a protective factor of at least 30, which you do not feel it would load your complexion. You will apply it in a generous amount and stretch it evenly, including the neck area. This is the only way you will ensure that your skin will not suffer from sunburn at all while maintaining its youthful and bright appearance.

You do not get enough rest

It is a mistake not to rest enough during the night. Not only will it harm your health as a whole, but it will also affect your beauty and skin health.

If you want to have a skin that radiates, rest as much as possible. Thus, you will avoid your skin becoming pale, tired and hard-wearing. In addition, your skin will also be protected by the action of free radicals (which are fought mostly at night).

Use dirty brushes

Neglecting the cleaning of makeup tools can cost you a lot. If you want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin, it is very important to take care of cleaning the brushes that you use to apply your makeup. When they collect fat from the face, dead cells, but also dust and various bacteria, they can lead to the appearance of eczema or even bacterial infections (such as blepharitis or severe acne).

Do not leave brushes with blobs of the day before, avoiding them to become places for the development of bacteria.

Do not do as much as you can with the acne on your face

Although it seems to be normal for us to get our skins to squeeze our pimples, dermatologists warn us that this is actually a mistake that can destroy our skins. The explanation is the following: When a specialist applies pressure to the pimples, it will be done correctly, while we only encourage the spread of the infection (most often the pimples will be squeezed through its sides).

If we happen to face acne, blackheads or pimples, it is best to do a special treatment.

From this point of view, consultation with a dermatologist is ideal, and he can recommend treatment appropriate to our skin type and the problem we have.

And if we are tempted to walk alone in the barking bins, we should limit ourselves to the following approach: we will simply wash our faces and then apply a clean pressure to the basket/end the white tip (it is an indication that what has been collected in it can be removed). By doing so, we will significantly reduce the risk of remaining on the face with all sorts of irritation or scarring.

Do not exfoliate your face

If you do not have the opportunity to exfoliate your face at a specialist cabinet, be careful to exfoliate your home. It is advisable to do this 2-3 times a week so that the pores are released and the dead cells removed.

You can also apply exfoliating serums, ideally those containing glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid. Especially if you apply them before bedtime they will have the necessary time to act deep in your skin, leaving it lighter, finer and younger.

You too often exfoliate your face

Indeed, exfoliating the skin helps us to have a brighter and more smooth skin, but to exfoliate too often it can damage it. Dermatologists say exfoliating will destroy the skin’s “skin barrier” and dehydrate it, which will lead to a harsher, tighter and even inflamed skin.

Moreover, too frequent exfoliation can gradually destroy healthy skin cells, stimulating melanin production as well as causing hyperpigmentation.

Do not use the foundation

Although we are tempted to think that the foundation will unnecessarily load our skin and give us the look of “mask,” the experts contradict us. A skin foundation suitable to our skin type that is applied correctly can protect us from the sun and by other environmental factors.

It will be a mistake to give up the foundation if we want to have a healthy skin. It is important, as has already been said, to choose the one that suits us, not to apply it in too much quantity and to strip ourselves every night to free our pores.

Do not apply care products in the correct order

Avoid making a mistake that could cost you the health of your face if you follow this: make sure to first apply care products with a lighter texture and then those with a dense texture. Only in this way will you avoid that dense texture products prevent optimal absorption of nutrients from a light texture.

Wash your face with too cold or too hot water

Dermatologists advise as much as possible to avoid washing our face with too cold or too hot water. Both will damage the skin in the sense that it can lead to inflammation or irritation.

For the health of your skin, it is best to use lukewarm water.

You often sleep on a cotton pillow

You probably have not thought so far that the pillow that you sleep can influence the health and appearance of your skin.

From this point of view, a cotton pillow can be more damaging than one of silk or satin. These two materials will reduce face rubbing while sleeping on a cotton pill will increase the friction of the skin and may lead to irritation and dryness over time (when collagen can decrease).